Upcoming Guest

Here is a list of our up and coming guest that will be on the show. So, if you would like to ask them any questions please email them to us at thispodcasthasautism@outlook.com Also, there will be a date by our guests’ names. The Date is when we will be interviewing them so if you would like to ask them any questions make sure you email your questions before that date. Also, make sure you put the name of the guest with your questions so we know what questions are for who. Thanks.

Kate – Is a autistic teenager talking on what it’s like to be in treatment and live with lots of other autistic teens. August 18

Bill – Is a well know occupational therapist and will be discussing his experiences with autism. August 25

Special Kids Company – A company that is going to tell their story and talk about their clothing. September 8

Tim – Is an autistic adult who will share his story. September 15